Change Management


Change Meetings

  1. Change requests should be submitted before the weekly scheduled change meeting.
  2. Meetings are scheduled weekly and will be attended by anyone presenting a change request.
  3. Meetings are open to all LAS technicians.
  4. Change approval is granted based on group consensus.
  5. The LAS IT Director or Change Committee Chair may declare or approve a change without group consensus.


What requires an approval:

  1. Any change to a service that is in "production" use.
  2. Any change to a server that contains services that are in "production".
  3. New servers/services that will be in "production" use.

What does NOT require an approval (but should still be logged):

  1. Emergency changes to the security profile of a system or service in "production" use need to be
    1. cleared through either the LAS IT Directory or Change Management Director,
    2. logged in the change management system, and
    3. sent to the list.
  2. Changes to authentication/authorization on a server or service should be logged to the change management system.
  3. Standard OS or service updates need to be logged on the change management system.