Hardware Purchasing Guidelines


LAS Hardware purchasing list:

LAS IT Administration has a goal of issuing a response within 2 working days in most situations.

Red list (Arne / Andrew approval):

  • All wireless AP’s are an exception

  • NAS Devices (network connected storage)

  • Add-on wireless networking adapters

Orange list (North / South manager approval):

  • Apple products:

    • Time Capsule

  • Microsoft Surface Book

  • Dell Enterprise class not on IBOR list, or IBOR item with significant third party modification

    • OptiPlex

    • Precision

    • Latitude

  • Copiers – not on ISU contract

  • Printers:

  • HP B2B store products with 3-4 year support

  • Consumer grade machines

    • Anything without 3-4 year warranty

  • XPS with 3-4 year warranty

    • TPM must be explicitly requested (not default on Dell Premier Store)

    • Can be fixed / reimbursed through on campus repair

  • Any other device (examples, not exhaustive):

    • Cell Phones - Locked or Unlocked

    • Tablets

    • 2in1

    • cable attached storage (usb hdd) – generally 1TB or more

    • Hobby electronics (raspberry pi, Arduino, edison, etc.)

  • Servers (server form factor or server os)

  • Equipment from surplus

Yellow list (North / South manager notification):

  • Microsoft Surface Pro - non IBOR Standard

    • 3 year warranty required

    • May want to consider CDW product protection with ADH (accidental damage handling)

  • Monitors from manufacturer other than Dell/Apple

  • LAS-approved multi-function personal printer selection: https://it.las.iastate.edu/las-it-printer-recommendations

Green list (Technician consultation):

  • Apple Mac products with 3 year warranty

  • Microsoft Surface Pro

    • Must be an IBOR standard purchased through CDWG

    • 3 year warranty required

  • Dell IBOR standard machines

  • Flash storage (usb sticks, sd cards, etc.) – generally 64GB or smaller

  • iPad

  • Keyboard, mice

  • Dell / Apple Monitors

  • Desk phones

  • LG / Dell Thin or Zero clients

  • Component replacements & upgrades (e.g. disk drive, ram, etc.)

  • Network cabling

  • Wired switches

  • Toner / Printer maintenance kits

  • Apple TV

  • Mainstream, well supported, Android tablets (e.g. samsung, nexus)

  • LAS-approved personal laser and work-group laser printers: https://it.las.iastate.edu/las-it-printer-recommendations


Additional note:

An item on the technician-consultation list does not mean it is automatically approved for purchase. The IT technician serving the department should serve in their role as trusted adviser and guide the decision.