LAS IT Priority List


This priority list is intended for general guidance for LAS IT members.  Individual cases should be considered with your manager, Department Chair and this list to determine priority.

This list should and will change over time.  Please direct any concerns, needs, changes in priority to Andrew Albinger.


  1. Classroom Operations*
  2. Research Operations*
  3. Department Operations*
  4. University Encryption of Laptops
  5. Department Projects
    • new classroom technology
    • new computer labs
    • server projects for researchers
    • software installations for department staff
    • etc.
  6. Inventory of machines
  7. Encryption of devices in support of Data Classification and Minimum Security Standards

* Operations includes tickets on existing technology, comptuers, projectors, network connectivity, etc.  New requirements for teaching (research, department) spaces should fall under "Department Projects"