Public IP or DNS request



  • Department IT staff will maintain the OS and standard software patches.  Patches will be applied monthly, or immediately for relevant zero day exploits
  • IT staff will configure the firewall to limit public IP connections to only ports required for the application to function
  • Administrative services will be limited to access from local, on-campus IP addresses only, for example: NFS, SSH, SMB, RDP
  • ‚ÄčIT staff will maintain root access to the machine (no sudo or root access will be granted to non IT staff)
  • The first action in the event of any security incident will be to shutdown the server. IT staff will then investigate the incident and classification of data on the server.  The server may be put back online depending upon the results of the investigation
  • Application code will be made available for review by local IT staff, LAS IT, and the ITS Security team

 (find data classification definitions here)