Upcoming Operating System Upgrades: We’re glad you’re excited – but please talk to IT first

July 27, 2015

Both Apple and Microsoft will be releasing updates to their personal computer operating systems in the near future.  Microsoft is delivering Windows 10, which promises many new features, and a more consistent experience across different types of devices.  Apple will be delivering OS X 10.11, also known as El Capitan, which is focused on improving performance on existing Macs.  Both of these upgrades will be pushed out by the vendors, and invitations to upgrade may be seen on some University-owned computer systems.  Other systems may not show the invitations.

Even though it might be tempting to upgrade right away, LAS IT staff are asking everyone to wait until your IT professionals can test the upgrades with the special software you may use for teaching, research, or other work.  We also want to make sure these new operating systems work with our campus infrastructure.  Once we’ve determined that it’s OK to proceed, we will let you know, and will assist you in upgrading should you choose to do so.

The upgrades of both Windows and OS X will be available close to the start of classes, with the Windows upgrade coming before classes, and the OS X upgrade coming after.  If a large number of users install the upgrades at that time and there are problems, there are likely to be significant delays in getting help for end users, as IT staff will be overwhelmed.

We’re just as excited about these upgrades as you are, and we want your upgrade to go as smoothly as possible.